Using District Shipping

How to use 'District Shipping':

The Shipments tab in Seller Dashboard is the control center for shipping on District. We make it easy to track shipments, generate labels, and ensure your buyers get their orders in a timely manor. Please see below for steps:

  1. Getting Started: go to the District website (not the app) -> Seller Dashboard -> tap 'Shipments' tab

  2. Viewing a Shipment: If you tap on a shipment or tap 'view', you'll see a modal with the shipment information. If the customer purchased multiple items, each order may be in that bundle.

  3. Creating a Label: tap 'Create Label' -> insert the information to create the label.

  4. Printing the Label: tap the blue arrow icon by the shipment to download and print your label. We currently do not offer QR codes.

If you create a label through District, the tracking information will automatically be sent to the buyer. Also, your funds will automatically be released 48 hours after the shipment delivers.

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