Flat Rate Shipping

Use Flat Rate shipping when you want to charge a single, fixed rate, regardless of the weight, size, or destination of the package.

To offer Flat Rate shipping on an item, you can do so by selecting the "Flat Rate Shipping" option when you create a listing.

Set-up Progressive Shipping:

If you set flat rate shipping, you have the option to turn on progressive shipping:

Progressive shipping is when you charge a single fixed fee for the first purchase and then discounted shipping from subsequent purchases from the same buyer.

How to Turn On Progressive:

  • Progressive shipping is set during the listing process for each listing: select your Flat Rate shipping amount -> tap and turn on "Progressive Shipping" -> enter in your Progressive Shipping amount.

How Progressive Works:

  • The flat rate the buyer is charged is always whatever the flat rate is for the first item they purchase (not on the item that has the highest flat rate).

  • This currently runs on a weekly schedule, but you can end the progressive window early by selecting shipments and tapping "End Progressive" in the action bar.

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