Scheduling a livestream

Scheduling a livestream can be done via the District app (not website yet).


  1. Go to your seller dashboard

  2. Tap 'Go Live'

  3. Enter your stream name, select thumbnail image, select marketplace you will be going live in, set the day/time you'll be going live

  4. Add items to your scheduled livestream. If you don't know what items you want to add feel free to 'skip' this step. You can always add items later on by going to the livestream and editing your live store.


  • Share your scheduled livestream link with friends and on your socials!

    • To access your scheduled live link go to 'Your Livestreams' -> tap the scheduled live -> 'Share Livestream' (you'll have the option to send directly to your contacts or to 'copy' the link and share it elsewhere)

  • Multicast to your own Facebook, YouTube, and/or Instagram

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