Using Custom Shipping

How to use 'Custom Shipping' (outside of District):

  1. Getting Started: go to the District website (not the app) -> Seller Dashboard -> tap 'Shipments' tab

  2. Viewing a Shipment: If you tap on a shipment or tap 'view', you'll see a modal with the shipment information. If the customer purchased multiple items, each order may be in that bundle.

  3. Creating a Label: create a label through a third party or alternative method. Please save the tracking information, it will be needed for the next step.

  4. Uploading 'Custom Shipping' to District: view the shipment -> tap the 'Custom Shipping' button -> select your carrier from the dropdown menu -> enter in your custom tracking -> tap 'Add Tracking Number'

Custom Shipping Tip: it's important to upload your outside tracking number into District via custom shipping because it allows us to send your buyer an email with the tracking info & triggers us to release your funds 48 hours after delivery.

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