Multicasting to Instagram

Multicasting your District live to Instagram is an amazing tool that helps engage and grow your audience and sales. Please read the steps below carefully:

Important Details:

  • Devices Needed: You will need your computer and the device you'll be going live on (iPhone or iPad).

  • Timing: Only start the multicasting steps below if you are absolutely ready to go live (or 5-10 minutes before your live show).

  • Ending the Live: After your live show, be sure to end the livestream on Instagram as well. More details below.

Steps to Multicast:

On District App:

  1. Open up District App → Seller Dashboard → ‘Your Livestreams’ → Start @Live → DO NOT click ‘Go Live’ yet. Please wait until after these steps, it will be clear when to click it.

  2. Tap the 2nd to last icon on the bottom (looks like a tower) → Toggle Instagram ON → window will pop-up asking you for a Server URL & Stream Key. Leave this open, the next step is on your computer.

On Computer:

  1. Go to and login to your account you will want to livestream to.

  2. Once logged in, go to the main Instagram feed page → Tap the plus sign in the bottom left that says ‘Create’ → Tap “Live”

  1. Enter in Livestream Name → make audience Public → tap ‘Next’

  2. Window will pop up with Stream URL & Stream Key. Copy both the entire Stream URL and Stream Key and put it in an email to yourself (or text it to yourself you have messages on your computer). The goal of this is to get those codes onto your phone.

  3. Keep this Instagram up on your computer for the rest of the livestream.

On District App:

  1. Go to your email and copy the Stream URL → open the District App and paste the Stream URL into District where it says “Stream URL”.

  2. Repeat the step above, but for Stream Key…paste Stream Key into District.

  3. Tap Instagram below and confirm you are connected to a FB page / the FB page that your IG is connected to. (this step will allow comments to show in District..if you skip this step it will still cast the live, but IG comments won’t show on District).

  4. Tap Start! (you are now connected to IG)

  5. When you are ready to go live, tap the ‘Go Live’ button on District, but don’t forget the one last step below.

On Computer:

  1. About 15 seconds after you click ‘Go Live’ on District, go to your computer. You will see the Preview on the left side change from black to a preview of the District live.

  2. Once the preview is showing, you will be able to tap the Go Live button on Instagram (in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Congrats! You’re multicasting to IG! When you’re done don’t forget to end the live on IG also…so after you end your live on District or raid into someone, just tap “end live” on Insta.

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