Prohibited Goods & Services

Updated 3/10/2024

The following page outlines goods and services that are prohibited from being sold across all District-hosted marketplaces. Remember, you can not sell items that are not in your possession or are prohibited in the country that you live in. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

District reserves the right to remove a listing, cancel related transactions, and suspend or ban involved parties that are engaging in activity that is illegal, fraudulent, or harmful to the platform.

  • Illegal goods and services

    • Stolen goods

    • Items revealing personal, identifying, or confidential information

    • Fake or forged documents

    • Equipment used to make illegal goods or engage in illegal activities

  • Products that infringe on intellectual property rights

    • Counterfeit, fake, or replica goods

    • Items that violate a copyright

    • Unauthorized or pirated copies

  • Drugs, alcohol, medical products, and items making medical claims

    • Illegal drugs and narcotics

    • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs or medical devices

    • Alcohol or items for the purpose of intoxication

    • Tobacco including cigarettes and e-cigarettes

    • Marijuana and other CBD products

    • Products intended to be used for drugs

    • Growing or cultivation ingredients, supplies, or equipment

  • Weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or any other dangerous material

  • Items that could be considered a safety hazard

    • Products that are restricted from shipping in the mail (note: any items that require special mailing instructions must use your own shipping option)

    • Expired or recalled products

    • Food products that are perishable or easily contaminated (e.g. raw meet, fish, dairy, produce)

    • Used cosmetics, brushes, applicators or sponges

  • Financial Products

  • Gambling

    • Paid raffles and purchased-based prizes

    • Casino-style games (blackjack, slots)

    • Lottery sales

    • Sports forecasting or odds making with a monetary prize

  • Animal and human products

    • Live animals

    • Products derived from threatened or extinct wildlife (e.g. ivory)

    • Human body parts

  • Explicit goods and services

    • Pornography and adult content

    • Adult or romantic services

    • Adult toys

    • Graphic or violent content

  • Offensive items

    • Anything that promotes violence, hatred, racism, or other forms of discrimination

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