Running your live

Starting your scheduled live:

  1. Go to seller dashboard -> tap 'Your Livestreams'

  2. Tap your scheduled live -> tap 'Start Live'

  3. Your screen should say "Looking good" and have a "Go Live" button.

  • Before you hit the 'Go Live' button, tap your store icon in the bottom right to confirm your listings are pre-loaded. If they aren't you can add them to your stream by tapping the plus sign in top right.

  • If you'd like to multi-cast you can do so before or after you start the live by tapping the tower icon and selecting the platforms you'd like to cast to.

  1. Once you are ready to go live tap the 'Go Live' button.

Running your live auctions:

  1. Tap the store icon in bottom right -> tap the listing you want to bring to stage -> tap 'move to stage'

  2. After you move the item to stage tap the top left arrow or swipe to the side to get back to your main screen. When you are ready you can start your auction.

Editing your live auctions:

  1. Edit your live auctions by tapping the item -> tap "Edit" -> edit the price, shipping, etc. -> tap 'Save Changes -> you're good!

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