Applying to Sell

To start, browse across hundreds of marketplaces on District and decide which community you want to join.

Applying to sell:

After joining a marketplace, you can apply to be a seller by tapping the apply button on the Marketplace Home page. On the application form, you'll see the seller fees along with a set of questions about your past online selling history.

Each marketplace has its own custom approval process, and wait times may vary, so don't be discouraged if you don't hear back immediately.

Application tip: provide as much information as possible including links to your profile on other selling platforms and social media apps.

Approved to sell:

You will receive an email from District when there is an update to your application status for a given marketplace. Once you're approved, the first step is to set-up to get paid by connecting to your payout method. If you have any questions on being a seller, please refer to the guides in the help center or ask other sellers in your marketplace.

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