Creating a live auction listing

Creating a live auction listing is simple and can be done by the app or website.


  • Go to your Seller Dashboard -> Click 'List Item' -> Select 'Auction'

  • Images:

    • Take a photo or upload a photo from your camera roll. We recommend not importing more than 5 images at a time.

    • Tap the plus sign to add more photos. To rearrange photos hold down the image and drag it.

  • Listing Details:

    • Enter in your Title & Description

    • Variants (optional)

    • Enter Starting Price

    • Set 'Only Available For Live' to ON (this is important, if it's turned off, you'll be creating a multi-day auction and you won't see the ability to turn on pre-bids)

    • Pre-Bids: turn pre-bids on if you want buyers to be able to pre-bid. Check out pre-bid guide for more details.

    • Select Auction Duration: 60 sec, 30 sec, 20 sec, 15 sec, 10 sec.

    • Visibility: if you are a seller in multiple marketplaces, visibility is how you control which marketplace your listing is listed in.

    • Tags: select the marketplace tags that correspond to the listing.

    • View the breakdown of fees and what you'll earn as the seller.

  • List item!

Listing an auction that is "only available for live" does not automatically load it into your scheduled livestream. You will still need to pre-load you listings into your scheduled live. Need help? View the pre-load guide.

If you'd like to convert a buy-it-now to a live auction listing or vice versa please view the converting guide.

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