How do I pre-bid on live auctions?

If a seller turns on pre-bids, you are able to enter in bids before the item is run.

How it works:

  • Pre-bid before the live:

    • Pre-bid before the live by visitng the sellers scheduled livestream - view the aucitons they've pre-loaded - enter pre-bids.

    • Pre-bid before the live by viewing the auctions available in the lisitngs tab of the marketplace they will be going live in.

  • Pre-bid during the live:

    • You can pre-bid during the live by viewing the sellers live store - tap on the auction you would like to pre-bid - enter pre-bid. You can pre-bid up until the auction is starts.


Are pre-bids binding?

Yes, if you place a pre-bid on an item and end up being the highest bidder when the live auction concludes, you win the item. Your card on file will be charged immediately.

What if the item I pre-bid on doesn't get auctioned / is never run?

If the item you pre-bid on is not run during the livestream (or day of the livestream), your pre-bid is canceled, and you won't be charged.

Can I cancel a pre-bid?

Currently, there is no way to cancel a pre-bid once it's placed.

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