Just set your price and we’ll do the rest.

Auto-bidding allows you get the best price possible in any District standard auction. Just enter the max price you’d be willing to pay, and we’ll help you try to get it at the lowest possible price*.*

Remember: bidding on District is a contractual obligation so don’t place a max bid higher than what you are comfortable with.

Note: Auto-bidding applies to Standard Auctions only. Live Auctions do not apply

How it works

Click the Place Bid button to set the max price you’re willing to pay for the item. If someone tries to outbid you, we’ll automatically place a slightly higher bid to keep you as the highest bidder (up to your max price).

When we place a bid for you via auto-bidding, we’ll use the minimum bid increment based on the current auction price shown below—the higher the price, the higher the bid increment.

Bid Increments

Based on your starting price, bids have a specific incremental change.

Starting PriceBid Increments

















FAQs & Scenarios

  • I placed a bid and was immediately out-bid.

    Another person likely had an auto-bid placed from them at a higher price than yours.

  • I placed a bid and someone out-bid me by less than the bid increment.

    Another person set a max bid slightly higher than you.

    When you auto-bid, we’ll place your max bid regardless of bid increment.

  • It shows that I placed a bid at the same price as someone else, but they are winning.

    If you and another person have the same max bid price, whoever placed the bid earlier will serve as the tiebreaker.

  • I accidentally placed a max bid way higher than I meant to.

    You can edit your auto-bid price by clicking the Place bid button and changing the amount.

  • I want to cancel my bid.

    Bids are a contractual obligation and cannot be cancelled. If there are special circumstances regarding your bid, please reach out to

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on District Chat or email us at

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